Notable Features

IX Web Hosting overs a wide variety of tools for your company to get started. First, they have a free website creator that will help you on your way to creating a website. This tool really does a great job of offering a click and drag functionality that allows for you to put together a website in a matter of a couple minutes.

Security has never been a problem for IX Web hosting as they keep on top of the vulnerabilities that other companies may let slip through the cracks. They offer SSL protection which is secure and easy to install. Think of it as a home security system for your website.

Need some help spreading the word about your website? IX Web hosting has a great SEO team that will launch your website to the top of the search engines on the internet. They also have ways to hook you into all the major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

They also have a suite of tools that will keep track of the traffic that comes to your website. It becomes really important to keep track of the information when you are making modification to your website. Sometimes a great feature will cause people to swarm your website and if you take that feature away they can just as easily slip away. Keep tabs on your traffic data to optimize your audience.