Best Antivirus Software of 2020

Hackers are constantly upgrading and improving their abilities while common computer users became an easy picking because most don’t have the required protection to handle newer attacks and viruses. However, there are antivirus companies that specialize in designing protection software for users. We have put together a list of the very best the industry has to offer, from popular names to smaller players you might not of heard of. After researching them all we came up with the top ten antivirus companies that will get the job done right!

Panda Security1st9.7 out of 10$28.19 Per Year

Panda Security Review

This lightweight antivirus system doesn't strain your PC's resources like most do, and is priced fairly reasonable for the security that it provides.Full Panda Security Review »
Kaspersky2nd9.6 out of 10$29.99 Per Year

Kaspersky Review

Disregarding the interface and limited support hours, Kaspersky is also a decent antivirus software used by thousands of users with mobile protection.Full Kaspersky Review »
Sophos3rd9.5 out of 10$42.00 One Time

Sophos Review

Despite being a lesser known brand, Sophos manages to hit a spot in the top 10 due to its free security system that has protection in every element.Full Sophos Review »


4th9.0 out of 10Free

Avast Review

With the option to use the software for free or avail of the upgraded security measures, your business can stay virus-free without losing resources.Full Avast Review »
Symantec5th9.0 out of 10Varies

Symantec Review

A quality online security provider that offers more than just simple anti-virus protection with their product.Full Symantec Review »


6th8.8 out of 10Varies

F-Secure Review

Although F-Secure offers a fairly decent antivirus system, they can do better in other aspects like anti-phishing features and a simple configuration.Full F-Secure Review »


7th8.6 out of 10$40.99 One Time

AVG Review

If you are using Windows PCs for your organization, then AVG is another available antivirus, although they have less features compared to others.Full AVG Review »


8th8.6 out of 10$125.00 Per Year

Webroot Review

An intelligent anti-virus software that is great for small businesses thanks to its multi-platform support, offline protection, and more.Full Webroot Review »


9th8.6 out of 10$307.50 One Time

BitDefender Review

In terms of quality and performance, you really won't have any complains with BitDefender- they are one of the best antivirus software available.Full BitDefender Review »


10th8.6 out of 10$99.99 One Time

Norton Review

Norton has certain issues wherein it can cause a slower computer performance, most likely due to a higher CPU requirement to run the program.Full Norton Review »
Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.


An antivirus software’s main purpose is to stop viruses, malware, and other threats from spreading and infecting your devices.  Whether you have a PC, Mac, or smartphone, all must be protected or you raise the threat of your personal information being compromised.  A 24/7 continuous scan of your device and a dedicated firewall to block the bad guys at the front door are key features of any antivirus software program. Plus, protection for home users or small businesses are both offered with the latter requiring more sophisticated security measures.

Bonus Features

Extra tools are often bundled in antivirus software programs and researching these bonuses may influence your choice. Parental control options are sometimes included which is a plus for families with children and teens surfing the web or playing online games.  Online banking and purchasing, heavy email usage, and visiting websites without a security certificate leaves your system vulnerable to hacker attacks and advanced Wi-Fi network security can be the first step in blocking them. Password management and webcam blockers (beats covering the camera with tape to shut out snoopers!) offer additional levels of protection.

Ease of Use

Antivirus software websites should be simple and easy to navigate.  Protecting your data and personal information shouldn’t require too much technical know-how – just the basics, especially for home users. Critical information should be laid out in an intuitive manner without flashy banners and distracting over-the-top graphics.  Call-to-action buttons should link to downloading the software, purchasing or pertinent support areas.

How Much does AntiVirus Software Cost?

Prices vary based on your needs and budget – just like buying a car (brand new SUV vs used hybrid).  There are plans for 1-5 devices, monthly subscriptions or one flat price for a year or more.  Just read the fine print if they automatically renew your plan - with or without notifying you.  There are a lot of familiar names out there in the antivirus software world who’ve branded themselves quite successfully.  Though tempting to sign up with the big guys, it might pay to research the lesser known ones who might be a better fit, especially in the wallet.

Free Trial

Most antivirus software offers a free limited trial where you can use the premium version of their program for a set number of days.  This allows you to check out its features, see how effectively it scans for viruses and malware on your device, and how it performs against active attacks.  This is a great way to test drive the software before you buy the full version or move on to another program.

 Customer Service

 Support comes in many forms, whether it be telephone, email, FAQ section or live chat.  Check out if the higher levels of customer service come only with the pricier plans. And if you can’t wait for the next business day to ask for technical support, the availability of 24/7 live support might influence your decision.

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