Best Church Website Builder Reviews of 2019

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Despite the dedicated church website builders in the list below, we highly recommend Wix instead. Some dedicated church site builders charge thousands of dollars in set-up fees plus hundreds of dollars per month in exaggerated subscription fees. We feel that these services are preying on churches and ministries that may not be knowledgeable about their options. While choices like Wix may not be marketed specifically for churches, these services are extremely versatile and customizable, and they have the advantage of offering better designs and more functionality that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

On church websites in general, they are fantastic for communicating with members, laying out scheduled activities, collecting donations, signing up members, and serving as an additional hub for the community. With DIY builders, creating a high quality website can be quick, easy, and cheap!

Wix1st9.9 out of 10$7.00 Per Month

Wix Review

Wix is an amazing website builder with over 500+ beautiful templates, extreme flexibility, and fantastic ease of use. Perfect for virtually any site.Full Wix Review »


2nd9.7 out of 10$50.00 Per Month

ShareFaith Review

When it comes to jampacked features, ShareFaith really hits the bull's eye, with church-focused elements as well.Full ShareFaith Review »

Faith Network

3rd9.6 out of 10$1700.00 One Time

Faith Network Review

Church Network charges a sky-high entry price for comprehensive online church platform packages that are specifically designed for your ministry.Full Faith Network Review »


4th9.5 out of 10$40.00 Per Month

Finalweb Review

A website builder that offers a wide variety of features, from podcasts to events calendars and more, that should suit the needs of various Churches.Full Finalweb Review »


5th9.1 out of 10$3500.00 One Time

MyChurchWebsite Review

Shockingly expensive, MyChurchWebsite may not be the best option for churches who have a limited budget. The features could be worth it though.Full MyChurchWebsite Review »

Church Web Builder

6th8.8 out of 10$21.95 Per Month

Church Web Builder Review

Church Web Builder is with you all the way from the setup of your church website, up until you need more features to power up the growing community.Full Church Web Builder Review »

Church Ikon

7th8.2 out of 10$59.00 Per Year

Church Ikon Review

While their feature set can add a little more content, Church Ikon is a pretty good site builder for those who have little technical knowledge.Full Church Ikon Review »

Outreach Websites

8th8 out of 10$49.00 Per Month

Outreach Websites Review

Learn how to build a website on your own with their free tutorials, try out their services with a 30-day trial, and get your site running in no time!Full Outreach Websites Review »
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Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Important Aspects of Church Website Builders

Choosing the right website builder for your church is a crucial decision. Given that your church has decided to use the internet to its advantage, the congregation may have high expectations from investing in a website. It is therefore important to pick one that has a robust set of features. To prevent buyer's remorse, check out our take on the points that you need to consider before choosing a website builder for your church.

Content Organization

Since your church members will most likely visit your website to check on news and updates on the church, it is imperative to keep details on spick and span. Aside from calendar events, galleries, and announcements for them, new visitors who are currently looking for a church would probably want to know more about yours. Look for a website builder that helps keep things organized yet easy to update and maintain.

Social Media Integration

Another feature that can highly impact your church is its integration with social media networks. Social media has the magic of connecting people quickly and effectively. Some website builders give you the ability to sync your website content across all social media sites automatically. Not only will this broaden your site's reach, this will probably boost your congregation's overall engagement as well.

Donation Management

Some members may be far away from your church's location but would like to send donations in the spirit of giving. There are certain website builders that let you set up an online payment facility so members can send offerings and tithes. Other website builders even let you build an online store, where you can sell books and other religious materials to gather funds for your church.

Does Your Church Need A Website?

Whether it is small, medium or large, your church matters. You need to let other people experience the same joy you get out of your church. In today's digital age, the best way to do this is through a church website.

The internet is not a place to be feared but a place to be joyous and spread the Word. A website can do wonders for your church. Thousands of people search for churches in their area every single day. Sometimes it’s because they don’t feel at home at their current church or they want to get out there and try something new. What if that person lived in your area? Don’t you want them to see what you’re all about? Building a website allows you to share your church with that person in need.

Maybe your church doesn't need more advertising. Church websites do more than just bring people to your church. It also gives you the ability to reach church members who already attend your church. Do you regularly have church events? Have you ever had problems with letting your congregation know about these events? Well church websites give you the ability to post event information. Websites can do even more than give static information. A website allows you to assign tasks to people who want to help out. This becomes especially helpful when you need volunteers for your weekly “Food for the Homeless” campaign.

Websites not only get your message about God out into the world, it also helps you connect to like-minded individual. Your message will now have a global platform. No longer will it be confined to the small radius of your church. You can reach people thousands of miles away by just allowing them to search for your church.

Another cool feature about a website is that it is always there for people to see. The internet is always on. This means that if you have a church member who missed Bible study this week, you can post that bible study to the internet and they can read it any time they want. Or maybe your church goes away for a retreat and you want to share that experience with others. A website is a perfect place to do that. You can share everything these days, from pictures to video. You could essentially put the whole experience on the internet. And that experience will never go away as long as you have website.

Just think about it. A website can be something that you experience over and over again for decades. Some people seemed to believe that a website is going to go the same way as the buggy whip. That after a couple of years that this little fad is not going to be around anymore so why spend the time putting it together? Who knows what is going to happen in the future but if you’re thinking about right now, there are millions of websites out there. There are services that document each and every website. Government institutions like are going over websites and copying them to thousands of hard drives. This means that even if your website goes dark, your message will go down in history. The words that you type will always have a place, somewhere for people to see.

The truth about the internet is that people spend hours on it. Most of your church’s congregation probably spends their time on their phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. The simple fact is that the internet has captured the attention of people. So why should these people spend their time on Facebook? Or Twitter? If you built a website with some actual content, whether it is your latest sermon, or you’re Bible Reading Club, that content is something that your church congregation would love to spend time with. But if you don’t have website, how are they going to find that information?

Maybe you are convinced you need a website. But what are you going to do with it when you get it? Well, many services such as Wix and FaithNetwork build interaction into the website. They can create a web presence for your church and make it fun for your church members. Things like forums and comment boxes will allow you to have conversations with people on the internet. You can get creative and make content like a Journey Journal to tell your experience and thoughts on God. You can make this a daily or weekly thing. Keeping your website updated will keep people coming back for more. They will sit at their computer and wait for you to post new content. It becomes very addicting. And what better thing to be addicted to than God?

Tips for making your church website stand out!

Update it Constantly: While 78% of churches have websites, less than half of those update it constantly. By making your church website a daily thing, you are giving the people who visit it something new and exciting to tune into. They will keep coming back for more if you just give them what they want. What they want is your message.

Get Real People On Your Site: Today, many people use stock photos for their websites. Random people who are paid to model for photographers. But no one wants to see some doctored photos. We want to see members of your congregation doing real things. Whether it is a Sunday Service or a retreat, document those memories and put them on your website. Just make sure you have people’s permission first.

Keep the Content Short and Sweet: Usually when people first start writing content on the internet, it is long and boring. You want to keep your audience’s attention, so keep your work short and sweet.


  • For my Australian friends it’s worth having a look at Sitepodd Their website builder has a church template that is designed for churches and has an application specifically for adding sermons. Cheapest hosting plan is only $15AUD/month or aprox. $12 USD/month, this plan is hosted in US so not bad for US customers either.

  • Some WordPress themes (like those from have either built-in or plugins for Sermon Management (similar to Sermon Manager from WP4Church). The also have built in functions for displaying staff, handling events, etc.

    If you use WIX (or some other general purpose website builder), how do you handle things like Sermons and Staff? I would like to use WIX or Squarespace, but I can’t figure out what to do about Sermons, since the only functionality I have seem for managing sermons has been in WordPress plugins or themes. I don’t recall WIX as having any functions to handle things like sermons.

    With Sermon manager or a built in function for sermon management, it is very easy to add new sermons and edit existing ones. There are also built-in links for displaying all sermons given by a particular preacher.

    I would love to find similar functionality that would work with a general purpose website builder like WIX.


    • Hi Mark,

      Unfortunately, Wix currently does not have a bespoke sermon management tool like that of Sermon Manager. However, they do have several apps in their app market that you can use for your purposes — but it might take a bit more work. For starters, if you want to add audio sermons, the Wix Music app should do the trick (for videos, Wix Video is a good start). Or if you want to create a separate section in your site dedicated solely to sermons — a place where you can put text, videos, images, etc. — the Wix Blog app should do the trick. Hope that helps! 🙂

  • I suggest you check out and its WP-EZ Website Builder. It installs a simplified version of WordPress, all the best plugins and has dozens of themes to choose from. Websites range from free to $25/mo.

    • Hi Paul,

      That sounds promising! We will look into it. 🙂

  • You may also want to check out Finalweb. With no setup fee, it still offers some of the more powerful features of the pricier church-specific options at only $40/month. Designs are responsive and the system is easy to use. Finalweb also provides mobile apps for churches as well as a live streaming service.

    • Hey Brian,
      Thanks for the heads up – we’ll add it to the list 🙂