The Best Website Builders For Creating a Real Estate Website

If you’re in the real estate market, you know how important – and how cutthroat – advertising can be. What you need is a web presence that can show off your listings and draw in customers, all without breaking the bank!

To help you out, Comparakeet has assembled the best real estate website builders on the internet in an easy and straightforward ranked list. Rest assured, each company has been tested and graded on their ability to bring you the most professional product possible!

Wix1st9.9 out of 10$7.00 Per Month

Wix Review

Wix is an amazing website builder with over 500+ beautiful templates, extreme flexibility, and fantastic ease of use. Perfect for virtually any site.Full Wix Review »


2nd9.3 out of 10$10.00 Per Month

Zillow Review

Zillow helps you build an effective and professional-looking real estate website with ready MLS/IDX integrations, all for a relatively low price.Full Zillow Review »


3rd9.2 out of 10$150.00 Per Month

Placester Review

Placester pairs its real estate website builder with CRM/lead management and email marketing campaign tools for a comprehensive solution.Full Placester Review »


4th9.5 out of 10$99.00 One Time

WebsiteBox Review

WebsiteBox is a highly recommended company that offers comprehensive real estate website solutions for an affordable, one-time fee of $99.Full WebsiteBox Review »

Ultra Agent

5th8.5 out of 10$24.95 Per Month

Ultra Agent Review

Ultra Agent gives you a real estate website builder, CRM, and email marketing for low monthly prices, though you'll pay extra for full IDX featuresFull Ultra Agent Review »


6th8.5 out of 10$24.00 Per Month

Web4Realty Review

Web4Realty offers a solid set of real estate website building tools for an affordable monthly price, with CRM and email marketing modules coming soon.Full Web4Realty Review »

Curaytor Systems

7th8.4 out of 10Varies

Curaytor Systems Review

A trusted company in the real estate website building field that can provide excellent services and features.Full Curaytor Systems Review »
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Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.

Important Factors of Real Estate Website Builders

Ease of Use

Out to build a real estate website? The first thing to check out is the editor that you'll be using to build your website. Some builders still require the use of coding programs, for example, and that's not an option for less tech-savvy people. Meanwhile, there are other options that give you a drag and drop editor - this is more user-friendly, but many of these editors won't let you dig deep into the code and make more specific tweaks if necessary.


Gone are the days when you can simply slap some text over a solid-colored background and call is a website. Pages nowadays are becoming more and more visuals-heavy and design-oriented, which can be a factor in attracting visitors. A professional-looking website is certainly going to fare better than one saddled with an outdated design, so look for a wide selection of modern templates to get started on the right path.

eCommerce Option

While this feature may not be present in all website builders, those geared towards real estate sales tend to offer this as a medium for yourself and other agents to publish properties and accept reservation fees for transactions. This can be an added profit on your part since you can charge agents a small fee prior to posting their ads.


Needless to say, a website builder's price tag is of utmost importance when building a website, especially if you plan on running everything by yourself. Luckily, there are services out there that don't charge for the basic use of their website builder - a godsend if you're just starting a business or don't yet have enough funds to pay for a monthly subscription.


Customer support for any service is as important as the product itself, and this holds true even for website builders. While getting assistance from submitting ticket requests may be enough most of the time, having quicker means of communication like live chat or a phone line can be valuable resources if your website ever gets hit with a major issue.

Why a Real Estate Website?

This should really be a no-brainer. As a broker, a website accomplishes several things for you:

  • Legitimacy - Who doesn't have a website anymore? This is the new storefront and without one, you're instantly less trustworthy.
  • Listings - Show off all your listings in style and make them easily shareable to social media. Link to them from all your ads and show off your goods.
  • E-mails! - Use you website to collect people's e-mails, building a list of people in your local real estate market that you can later (tastefully) e-mail about new opportunities.
  • Search Visibility - This one is a little bit trickier, but more and more people are looking for brokers online. If you read up on search engine optimization and manage your site well, it can be a strong driver of leads.
  • Contact Information - People aren't looking you up in Yellow Pages anymore. If your phone number takes more than 20 seconds to find online, that's lost business.

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