Best Offshore Hosting Reviews 2019

Whether you highly value privacy and confidentiality or you’re simply more impressed with the hosting plans offered abroad, choosing an offshore hosting provider over web hosting with servers located in your own country has its own set of advantages, primarily in keeping your data safe and secure. More importantly, servers located overseas are not bound by the laws of your specific country, meaning it is the only option that you will have if you plan to build a gambling website, for example, and it is forbidden in your country.

While there are only a little over a dozen legitimate offshore hosting companies that you will find, picking a provider that you can rely on to keep your website up and running can still be a stressful and time-consuming task. Well, worry no more. We’ve gathered some of the biggesst offshore hosting providers and checked out their pros and cons, so you can make an informed decision before committing your cash. Check them out below!

CompanyRankingRatingPriceLocationHosting TypesBackupDescription


1st9.5 out of 10Fr12.90 Per MonthSwitzerlandShared and Dedicated HostingYes

Hostpoint Review

Switzerland-based HostPoint is one of the most trusted offshore hosting providers, with cutting-edge technology and top-notch features.Full Hostpoint Review »


2nd9.2 out of 10$7.99 Per MonthMultipleShared, VPS, DedicatedYes

Temok Review

Temok captures the second spot with its range of hosting packages, solid 99.9% uptime guarantee, and award-winning customer support.Full Temok Review »


3rd8.8 out of 10$3.76 Per MonthIcelandShared, VPS, DedicatedOptional

OrangeWebsite Review

Iceland-based Orange Website offers shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting, with prices comparable to locally hosted plans.Full OrangeWebsite Review »

Icy Evolution

4th8.6 out of 10$3.50 Per MonthMauritiusShared, VPS, DedicatedYes

Icy Evolution Review

This Mauritius-based provider guarantees you privacy and performance with a variety of hosting packages at relatively low prices.Full Icy Evolution Review »

5th8.5 out of 10$11.20 Per MonthSwitzerlandCloud, VPS, DedicatedYes Review

This Swiss provider gives you ISO-certified cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting plans, but you'll have to deal with a limited SLA and extra fees.Full Review »

Offshore Racks

6th8.4 out of 10$2.95 Per MonthPanamaShared, VPSYes

Offshore Racks Review

Offshore Racks gives you secure shared and VPS hosting plans, but you'll have to work with additional fees and caps on resources and bandwidth.Full Offshore Racks Review »


7th8 out of 10€9.95 Per MonthCuraçao / South AfricaShared, VPSYes

Curaçao Review

This provider assures you of complete privacy with its shared and VPS hosting, but you'll have to contend with restrictive resource and bandwidth capsFull Curaçao Review »


8th7.8 out of 10$4.99 Per MonthThe NetherlandsShared, VPSNo

LibertyVPS Review

This provider emphasizes privacy and security, but its shared and VPS hosting packages don't deliver much beyond the bare essentials.Full LibertyVPS Review »


9th7.5 out of 10$1.09 Per MonthMultipleShared, VPSYes

EDIS Review

EDIS offers numerous server locations for your shared or VPS hosting account, but you'll have to deal with resource caps and lack of uptime guaranteesFull EDIS Review »

RHC Hosting

10th7.2 out of 10$0.99 Per MonthFranceShared, VPS, DedicatedYes

RHC Hosting Review

RHC Hosting gives you a variety of offshore hosting plans to choose from, but advanced security measures don't make up for numerous resource capsFull RHC Hosting Review »
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Also, here are some important things we looked at for our rankings.


It can be quite challenging for offshore hosting providers to assure their clients of a 99.9% uptime, which is why there are not that many companies that you will find that offers this service, as compared to an almost endless selection for local shared web hosting. Distance can have a certain effect on stability, and since their servers are located possibly in another continent, you may experience a occasional downtime. Nevertheless, some are still able to give an uptime guarantee, which clearly shows superiority on their plans over those who cannot give commitment on their server's performance.

Company Reputation

Since you will be trusting your website in the hands of a company outside the country, its stability and reputation is one thing to keep in mind. You wouldn't want to be scammed out of your hard -earned money, or end up paying for a company that can only actually live until the end of the year. An offshore hosting provider that has been tried and tested over the years by multiple clients is a solid basket that you can put all your eggs on without fear of them breaking along the way.


If you have already done some researching on your own, you would have probably learned the importance of bandwidth in web hosting. Simply put, it is the amount of data which is uploaded and downloaded by you and your site visitors. Now, you will notice that most offshore hosting plans place a limit on this, which should pose no problem if you traffic is limited. But if you are expecting spikes in traffic, as well as a fixed moderate amount of visitors, it may be a better route to choose a provider with unlimited bandwidth so your website will run unaffected regardless of the amount of traffic.


Although it is always a better idea to do data backup on your own, having your hosting provider do the task can help you get multiple backups in case your data gets wiped due to some unexpected error. Some providers charge a fixed amount for doing a backup of your data- you should check the allotted space that they offer since it will always have a cap. On the other hand, there are packages that already include this feature as long as you are subscribed to the plan- a wise purchase if you are on a tight budget.


Despite being located overseas, providing quality support to clients should not pose as a difficult task to offshore hosting providers especially since it is very easy to communicate using the internet. Phone lines will most likely not be a viable option unless they have a toll-free number that is open 24/7 to assist customers. Skype, live chat session, and email are the most common lines of communication offered, with the first two effectively more efficient than the last. You can also check for customer feedback regarding the experience that they had when dealing with a provider's support team, or you can check out our reviews for the same information- and more.

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  • I’ve been using offshore VPS from They really cheap and also ignored DMCA as well.

  • I’ve been using offshore hosting They really ignore DMCA

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      We’ll take a look and see if it fits our list. 🙂